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Come Visit Lapis Lagoon!

With summer coming to an end – we decided to throw one last party for all our friends out there. Grab a buddy (or 10!) and come visit Lapis Lagoon Waterpark! We’ve done some crazy stuff – have you ever wanted to actually ride a water slide in Minecraft? Well now you can!

Stuff your face with some cool treats, race your friends on the rapids, lounge on a crane on the lazy river, or discover the legend of the Azure Dragon King! Read all about Lapis Lagoon and its features on its project page!

August Projects

July and August were pretty busy months for us! With the releases of The Kingdom of Torchwall and Wisteria Grove at the start of July, we also had a super cute skin pack come out later in the month – The Pet Pack! This skin pack is perfect for those looking to share their love of their favorite pets, so slip on a skin and go be an animal (literally)!

While we’ve been hard at work for a pretty big release coming *very* soon – in the meantime we released Stranded Sub, a spawn hub that leaves you stranded in the icy wilderness. Salvage your ship, fit in with the colorful locals, or become the new captain of whats left over of this grand submarine. As always keep your eyes peeled for more projects as well as upcoming teasers of our next one – we can promise that it’ll be a….refreshing change of pace!


July Survival Hubs

Earlier this month we released two new pieces of content on the Minecraft Marketplace store, The Kingdom of Torchwall and Wisteria Grove!

Wisteria Grove is a small survival hub, that includes 5 unique skins fantasy styled skins. Start a fantastic new adventure within the inner sanctum’s grove and explore the world with a home to come back to. You can read more about it here!

The Kingdom of Torchwall is a large scaled survival hub, that includes 20 unique medieval skins, from beggars to royalty! Be the king, or queen, of the castle, a knight in shining armor, or a simple herbalist. Packed with tons of exploration and hidden secrets, this pack comes equipped with everything you
need to expand the reaches of the kingom! You can read more about it here.

On that final note – we leave you with a teaser of our next content, something filled with *ALL* the goodboyes!





Relics of the Privateers is now available for purchase through the MCPE Marketplace, as well as our accompanying Pirates and Fishfolk skinpack. Update your MCPE client to 1.1 today to reach the marketplace and find ours and other partner created content. We’d love to hear about your adventures within our map, so feel free to give us a poke on our twitter, and keep your eyes open for info regarding our next project release. We’ve got a very busy schedule coming up and we’re so happy you’ve come along with us!



3-2-1 and We’re Live!

Hey there! We’re Imagiverse, a group of friends who really like to make some neat stuff in Minecraft.  (That’s not really all there is to us, but you can read *ABOUT US* if you’d like to know who we are.) We came together with the goal to make things we think would be fun to play, and hope you guys enjoy them as well.

In our first map, Relics of the Privateers, we invite you to take on the role of an explorer in a tropical paradise searching for lost treasure. Adventure alone or with friends while you defeat foes and outsmart puzzles in your quest to bring back the rings of the Privateers. Loaded with content and places to explore, this map will delight the adventurer inside of you.

With the Pirates and Fishfolk skin pack, you can choose between multiple different characters and dress the part for the tale you want to tell. From Lord FancyPants to Captain Crabby, this pack offers you a wide selection of characters from both land and sea!

There is plenty more to come as we begin exploring the Imagiverse; let’s imagine it together!

Images of the imagiverse